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Administrative Core (NS090405)

Specific Aims and Tasks

  • Coordinate scientific goals, priorities, and ongoing interactions between cores and scientific projects.
  • Assure compliance with regulatory approvals and safety protocols.
  • Assess and review the quality and efficiency of the cores and projects.
  • Monitor overall budget and annual reallocation as agreed by the executive and steering committees.
  • Oversee monthly progress reviews.
  • Organize annual expert workshops on special topics in SUDEP research.
  • Organize, review and award annual pilot and feasibility RFAs.
  • Co-sponsor research opportunities for young investigators in basic and clinical SUDEP research.
  • Liaise with other NIH initiatives and advocacy support groups in SUDEP, SIDS, SADS, and SUDY.

Principal Investigators

Core Administrator

Anita Zaremba

Administration of CSR clinical project activities

Publication Links

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