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Recent Publications

Serum serotonin levels in patients with epileptic seizures.
Murugesan A, Rani MRS, Hampson J, Zonjy B, Lacuey N, Faingold CL, Friedman D, Devinsky O, Sainju RK, Schuele S, Diehl B, Nei M, Harper RM, Bateman LM, Richerson G, Lhatoo SD.
Ictal laryngospasm monitored by video-EEG and polygraphy: a potential SUDEP mechanism.
Lacuey N, Vilella L, Hampson JP, Sahadevan J, Lhatoo SD.
Automated Detection of Postictal Generalized EEG Suppression.
Theeranaew W, McDonald J, Zonjy B, Kaffashi F, Moseley BD, Friedman D, So E, Tao J, Nei M, Ryvlin P, Surges R, Thijs R, Schuele S, Lhatoo S, Loparo KA..
The incidence and significance of periictal apnea in epileptic seizures.
Lacuey N, Zonjy B, Hampson JP, Rani MRS, Zaremba A, Sainju RK, Gehlbach BK, Schuele S, Friedman D, Devinsky O, Nei M, Harper RM, Allen L, Diehl B, Millichap JJ, Bateman L, Granner MA, Dragon DN, Richerson GB, Lhatoo SD.
Dysfunctional Brain Networking among Autonomic Regulatory Structures in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Patients at High Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.
Allen LA, Harper RM, Kumar R, Guye M, Ogren JA, Lhatoo SD, Lemieux L, Scott CA, Vos SB, Rani S, Diehl B.
ODaCCI: Ontology-guided Data Curation for Multisite Clinical Research Data Integration in the NINDS Center for SUDEP Research.
Cui L, Huang Y, Tao S, Lhatoo SD, Zhang GQ
Amygdala and hippocampus are symptomatogenic zones for central apneic seizures.
Lacuey N, Zonjy B, Londono L, Lhatoo SD.
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: epidemiology, mechanisms, and prevention.
Devinsky O, Hesdorffer DC, Thurman DJ, Lhatoo S, Richerson G .
NeuroPigPen: A Scalable Toolkit for Processing Electrophysiological Signal Data in Neuroscience Applications Using Apache Pig.
Sahoo SS, Wei A, Valdez J, Wang L, Zonjy B, Tatsuoka C, Loparo KA, Lhatoo SD.
2014 Epilepsy Benchmarks Area IV: Limit or Prevent Adverse Consequence of Seizures and Their Treatment Across The Lifespan.
Goldman AM, LaFrance WC Jr, Benke T, Asato M, Drane D, Pack A, Syed T, Doss R, Lhatoo S, Fureman B, Dingledine R
Nonseizure SUDEP: Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy without preceding epileptic seizures.
Lhatoo SD, Nei M, Raghavan M, Sperling M, Zonjy B, Lacuey N, Devinsky
Left-insular damage, autonomic instability, and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.
Lacuey N, Zonjy B, Theerannaew W, Loparo KA, Tatsuoka C, Sahadevan J, Lhatoo SD
NHash: Randomized N-Gram Hashing for Distributed Generation of Validatable Unique Study Identifiers in Multicenter Research.
Zhang GQ, Tao S, Xing G, Mozes J, Zonjy B, Lhatoo SD, Cui L.
Incidence of cardiac fibrosis in SUDEP and control cases.
Devinsky O, Kim A, Friedman D, Bedigian A, Moffatt E, Tseng ZH.
The ventrolateral medulla and medullary raphe in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.
Patodia S, Somani A, O'Hare M, Venkateswaran R, Liu J, Michalak Z, Ellis M, Scheffer IE, Diehl B, Sisodiya SM, Thom M.
Preventing Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
Devinsky O, Ryvlin P, Friedman D.
Deaths in Epilepsy: What We Are Missing.
Devinsky O, Ryvlin P, Friedman D.
Resolving ambiguities in SUDEP classification.
Devinsky O, Bundock E, Hesdorffer D, Donner E, Moseley B, Cihan E, Hussain F, Friedman D.
Severe peri-ictal respiratory dysfunction is common in Dravet syndrome.
Kim Y, Bravo E, Thirnbeck CK, Smith-Mellecker LA, Kim SH, Gehlbach BK, Laux LC, Zhou X, Nordli DR Jr, Richerson GB..
Left-insular damage, autonomic instability and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
Lacuey N1, Zonjy B2, Theeranaew W3, Loparo KA3, Tatsuoka C3, Sahadevan J4, Lhatoo SD5
PMID: 26797084.
After sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Lessons learned and the road forward
*Elizabeth J. Donner, †Briony Waddell, ‡Karen Osland, §John P. Leach, ¶Susan Duncan, **Lina Nashef, and ††Marie Christine Picot
PMID: 26749016.
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy genetics: Molecular diagnostics and prevention
*Alica M. Goldman, †Elijah R. Behr, ‡Christopher Semsarian, ‡Richard D. Bagnall, §Sanjay Sisodiya, and ¶#Paul N. Cooper
PMID: 26749013.
Introduction—Epilepsy Research UK expert workshop 2014 SUDEP: Time for prevention—evidence and clinical translation Proceedings from the Epilepsy Research UK 2014 Expert Workshop
*Lina Nashef and †Mark P. Richardson
PMID: 26749011.
From unwitnessed fatality to witnessed rescue: Pharmacologic intervention in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
*George B. Richerson, †Detlev Boison, ‡Carl L. Faingold, and §Philippe Ryvlin
PMID: 26749015.
From unwitnessed fatality to witnessed rescue: Nonpharmacologic interventions in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
*†Fergus Rugg-Gunn, *John Duncan, ‡Helle Hjalgrim, §Masud Seyal, and ¶Lisa Bateman
PMID: 26749014.
Who to target in sudden unexpected death in epilepsy prevention and how? Risk factors, biomarkers, and intervention study designs
*Torbjo€rn Tomson, †Rainer Surges, ‡Robert Delamont, §Serena Haywood, and ¶Dale C. Hesdorffer
PMID: 26749012.
Sudden Unexpected death in Epilepsy: Identifying risk and preventing mortality
Lhatoo S1, Noebels J2, WhittemoreV3
Structural imaging biomarkers of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
Britta Wandschneider,1,2 Matthias Koepp,1,2 Catherine Scott,1,2 Caroline Micallef,1,2 Simona Balestrini,1,2,3 Sanjay M. Sisodiya,1,2,4 Maria Thom,1,2,4 Ronald M. Harper,4,5 Josemir W. Sander,1,2,4,6 Sjoerd B. Vos,1,2,7 John S. Duncan,1,2 Samden Lhatoo4,8 and Beate Diehl1,2,4
Sudden Death in Epilepsy: Where is the "heart" of the problem?
Lara Jehi and Stephan Schuele
Spreading depolarization in the brainstem mediates sudden cardiorespiratory arrest in mouse SUDEP models
Isamu Aiba and Jeffrey L. Noebels
Reprogramming patient-derived cells to study the epilepsies.
Parent JM, Anderson SA
PMID 25710838.
Convulsive seizures and SUDEP in a mouse model of SCN8A related epileptic encephalopathy.
Wagnon, JL, Korn MJ, Parent R, Jones JM, Hammer MF, Murphy GG, Parent JM, Meisler MH.
PMCID: PMC4275076.
Cause-specific mortality among children and young adults with epilepsy: Results from the U.S. National Child Death Review Case Reporting System
Niu Tian a,⁎, Esther C. Shaw b, Matthew Zack M a, Rosemarie Kobau a, Heather Dykstra b, Theresa M. Covington b

a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Population Health, Epilepsy Program, 4770 Buford Highway, NE, Mailstop F-78, Atlanta, GA 30341, USA
b Michigan Public Health Institute, National Center for the Review & Prevention of Child Deaths, Okemos, MI 48864, USA